A Track Breakdown of Bobby Obsy’s ‘Robo Boy’

A Track Breakdown of Bobby Obsy’s ‘Robo Boy’

The groove patterns on Robo Boy never stay the same. You’ll notice metallic sound design from his trusty MPC & Ensoniq 12-bit sampler, pixelated transitions from his SP-404, dreamy galactic melodies played on keys, and his favorite jazzy bass melodies.

Bobby Obsy: “The reason why I care so much about just three tracks—investing my time building on a solid concept and creating bespoke illustrations—is only because of the over-saturated market in instrumental hip-hop. This release is a statement.”

“My mentor and great friend, Propo’88, showed me the true, real way of taking care of business when it comes to music production, paying for mixing and mastering, as well as investing in good cover art. I have to give him credit for that and I believe that this is how every artist should approach his or her work. That’s what I tried to evoke by working on an entire concept for ‘Robo Boy.’”


“This track is a trip. It starts somewhere, it completely changes at one point, and it comes back to the main theme. What I love the most about it is the drum pattern, complex and solid. The track is full of atmospheric synth, metallic Rhodes, and groovy sound FX. It really takes me to space. That is why I named it ‘Starclimber.’ In terms of the concept, when creating the track, I imagined Robo Boy flying through the galaxy. He is a ‘starclimber’ and I wanted to create that vast space surrounding him. There is a mysterious feeling to this track. A combination of happiness and sadness. “

Astral Venture

“This is the happy track of the EP. There is this small intro, influenced straight from Japanese anime intros. I even used Japanese harmony techniques to come up with that melody. I see it as the Robo Boy theme song. If there was ever a Robo Boy anime series, I would like the intro to be based on that beginning melody. ‘Astral Venture’ is a song full of hope, full of sharp piano melodies to lead the track and old-school style sampled repetitive trumpets. It represents Robo Boy’s human aspect: him being naive and immature, in some ways.”

Electric Serenade

“‘Electric Serenade’ is the heavier track. This is the most boombap-y of all three tracks. I focused on the drums mostly. By focusing more on mid/low frequencies and the groove, I wanted to create that grounding feeling, The way I see this track is that it reminds me that the galaxy is black. Yes, it’s vast and represents complete freedom from gravity and all that. But it’s dark as hell—and definitely dangerous. This track emits more energy than the other tracks. It is more like a battle theme for Robo Boy. It represents his powerful, serious mode. Which he hasn’t mastered yet.”

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